Automate, Elevate & Redefine your Procurement

Aerchain is the platform powering your procurement which seamlessly connects relevant stakeholders, brings visibility, improves efficiency and spreads intelligence across.

Aerchain Platform - enabling Supply Chain 4.0

The Aerchain platform digitizes your entire procurement process providing comprehensive visibility, data and insights to silo based systems across:

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • RFQs & Quotes
  • Order Management
  • Gate Entry & Store Inward
  • Returns & Payments

Aerchain Pay - Easy Financing Options for Working Capital Needs

Financing and accounting simplified for businesses. Instant access to unsecured credit lines, automated accounting & reconciliation

  • Reduce costs thanks to t+1 settlement cycles
  • Market defined interest rates, significantly lower than supplier interest rate
  • Improved room for negotiation
  • Completely digitised & automated, helps improve cash flow management

Aerchain Go - Efficient, Transparent, Cost-Effective Logistics

Aggregating deliveries across your supply chains means lesser inward bandwidth, lower tracking and follow-up issues, simplified order management that propels you toward a cleaner, faster supply chain

  • Reduce costs via cluster aggregated milk runs
  • Schedule deliveries as convenient for any time of day
  • Barcoding enabled system to ease reconciliation & provide end-to-end, real-time visibility

Aerchain Source - Best prices for best quality at Zero Effort

The Sourcing Engine developed by Aerchain bolsters procurement teams by identifying, analysing and recommending suppliers to drive cost benefits for your supply chain

  • Leverage highly curated network of 10,000+ suppliers
  • Database backed by real-time intelligence basis supplier actions on Aerchain platform
  • Ease of access helps improve competition
  • Potential to work with highly acclaimed suppliers, serving some of the best firms in the region

Delivering Value Transparently Across your Procurement

  • Efficiency

    60% improvement in efficiency of purchase team enabling team to focus on strategic functions.

  • SLAs

    70% improvement in purchase SLAs, ensuring ZERO production downtime and more productive engineering teams

  • Direct Cost Savings

    10% reduction in purchase spend across 2-year horizon - Optimising spend via higher visibility, best in class network and transparent pricing

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