Introducing Aerchain

Elevating sourcing across sectors: Simplified processes, advanced intelligence, optimized efficiency
Guided Buying: Intelligent Purchasing, Effortless Decisions.

Intelligent Purchasing, Effortless Decisions

Navigate the marketplace with ease: Our AI assistant pinpoints perfect-fit solutions for you through
Smart Category Mapping.
Proactive Recommendations.
Seamless Integrations.
Intake Enrichment: AERA: Your Ultimate Requisition Ally.

AERA: Your Ultimate Requisition Ally

Blending accuracy with adaptability: Refining procurement requests for peak performance.
Cognitive Sourcing Ally
Machine Learning-Based Category Recognition
Zero-Effort Implementation & Upkeep
Sourcing Automation: Picture Perfect RFPs. Just a click away.

Picture Perfect RFPs
Just a click away..

Stop RFP roadblocks! Aerchain's AI crafts a winning RFQ from your data - instantly.
One-Click RFQ Creation
Intelligent Requirement Adoption
Auto Validations & Approvals

The Hunt is On!
Discover Unmatched Vendors

Aerchain's AI recommends the ideal partners for your project, leveraging captured data, market intel, and past ratings.
Intelligent Vendor Matching
Comprehensive Market Scan.
Streamlined Supplier Assessment.

Supplier X-Ray: See Through Risk with AI

Trust Aerchain for unbiased, analytics-driven vendor assessments rooted in
Precision proposal analysis
In-depth qualitative insights
Vendor stability assessments

Aera Strikes Deals
You Save Big!

Stop negotiating, start winning. Aera gets you the best deals, powered by your expertise.
Strategic Deal Crafting.
Dynamic Negotiation Algorithms.
Real-Time Market Adoption.

The Best One truly gets the Job!

Experience unparalleled sourcing efficiency with automated, optimized award decisions that align with your strategic goals
Strategic Allocation Optmization
Dynamic Award Scenarios
Rule Based Award Processing

Aerchain's Impact on Global Procurement

Revolutionizing the way enterprises procure with AI-powered efficiency and strategy.
Total Spend Managed
Total Active Suppliers
Total active user base
User Adoption

The 4 value gains to better your procurement with Aerchain. Smarter Sourcing for accelerated growth.

Manage Invoices
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Track expenses
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Send & get payments
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Analyze cashflow
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.

Why Aerchain?

Revolutionizing the way enterprises procure with AI-powered efficiency and strategy.
Features included :
Gen-AI Powered Automation
Highly Configurable
Best Time to Value
95% + User Adoption
New Age Interface
Omnichannel Interfaces
Other Softwares
Features not included :
Plain Workflow Based Digitisation
Rigid & Complex
Years of Implementation
30% Max User Adoption
Old & Clunky Interfaces
Never Ending Change Management

Kind words from our

"Aerchain is our one-stop solution for Procure-to-Pay. We've brought 100% of our operational spend under management with their intelligent, user-friendly platform. Their intuitive catalog buying feature streamlined our indirect spend, achieving remarkable vendor adoption."
Suresh TH
Supply Chain Director
Spend Under Management
"Aerchain revolutionized our invoice processing, cutting time from days to minutes. With 100% visibility in transactions, payments, and approvals, their user-friendly interface enhanced team and vendor adoption. Vendor NPS grew over 52%, strengthening supplier relationships."
Roman Gaeti
Sr. Global Director
Reduction in Cycle Time
"Aerchain dramatically increased our auction efficiency, with 87% vendor participation. We've saved over 4.5% by sourcing from the right vendors. Their strong customer support team responds promptly to all queries, ensuring smooth adoption and effective use of the platform."
Ayanish Sen
Head of Purchase
Hard Cash Savings
"Aerchain revolutionized our P2P operations at Cars24, increasing procurement efficiency multi-fold. Its user-friendly platform enables seamless transactions, leading to high adoption rates among users, showcasing its effectiveness and ease of use."
Annupam Iyer
Supply Chain Director
Adoption Rate

Integrated with your favourite apps

Boost enterprise efficiency withAerchain's Autonomous Sourcing
Rapid Deployment
Our enviable Deployment Time ensures that your team can start saving within weeks.
Compliant & Secure
Snap and categorize receipts in seconds and link your bank account.
Set up payroll and bonuses for all your employees, and never be late on salaries.
Seamless Integration
Get real-time visibility into every expense and payment, with a neat dashboard.

Experience the Future of Sourcing
with Aerchain's Autonomous Sourcing

Precise requirement gathering
Streamlined user experience
Faster sourcing cycles
Optimal cost negotiations
Continuous compliance monitoring
Real-time risk assessments
Accurate data entry
Integrated tech solutions
Enhanced stakeholder engagement
Automated supplier onboarding
Predictive spend analysis
Efficient bid evaluations
Reduced cycle times
Maximized cost savings
Seamless system integration